About us

PMB Capital’s clients are industrial families, business owners and entrepreneurs. We sit on the client side of the table. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their strategic and financial objectives. We underwrite and invest alongside our clients. We operate globally from our office in London.

We are advisors and investors.


PMB Advisory

Our advisory offering is focused on M&A and the provision of private investment capital. Where appropriate we will assist our clients in engaging with larger or specialist firms to enhance the execution of a particular mandate.

We are supported by a number of deeply expert Senior Advisors, chosen for their specific domain expertise as well as their knowledge of, and access to, influential decision takers in selected regions of the world.

Many of our advisory clients are both business owners and investors, and we have facilitated a significant volume, over USD 1 billion, of direct equity investment within this community over the past years. This results from the expressed preference of both sides for the “private to private” market avoiding the exigencies of private equity.

PMB Invest

Given our success in sourcing attractive opportunities for our clients, we have chosen to establish our own vehicle, PMB Invest. The purpose of PMB Invest is to commit capital alongside our clients in some of the most exciting transactions we encounter through our proprietary deal flow.

PMB Invest makes minority investments alongside lead investors we trust, who deliver both diligence expertise and a clearly defined positive impact on the underlying business via their sector knowledge and market position.

We are currently investing out of Fund I, with equity cheques of €5-15m from the fund and up to €100m, including co-investment from our investors.